Dr. Julie Manche

Dr. Julie Manche was born and raised in Gainesville, FL. She earned her B.A. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from the University of Florida in 1997, and her Doctor of Audiology (Au.D) degree from the University of Florida in 2002. Prior to graduation in 2001, Dr. Manche went to Christchurch, New Zealand for a 9 month externship. She worked at a Public Hospital where her primary responsibilities included pediatric diagnostic assessments and the evaluation of (central) auditory processing skills. Dr. Manche was responsible for developing and implementing protocols to provide auditory processing evaluations at the Christchurch Public Hospital. After graduation, she stayed on an additional year in New Zealand as a staff audiologist.

In late 2003, Dr. Manche moved with her husband to Louisville to join University Audiology Associates (UAA) as a pediatric audiologist and clinical instructor for the University of Louisville. During that time, she provided pediatric diagnostic evaluations at the university practice and Norton Children’s Hospital, fit pediatric hearing aids, and performed (central) auditory processing evaluations. She also taught courses in Essential Techniques of Audiology, Assessment and Management of Auditory Processing Disorders, and an electrophysiology Lab. Dr. Manche was also responsible for supervising graduate students in the clinical setting and coordinating all of the Audiology Grand Rounds and educational meetings.

In the spring of 2011, after 7 years at the University, Dr. Manche left to start Beyond The Ear, a practice solely dedicated to the evaluation and management of auditory processing disorders. Dr. Manche has a passion for teaching and educating the community about auditory processing and the hearing-related developmental skills necessary for listening and learning. She works primarily with school-age children, but has also worked with adults, particularly those struggling with communication in their work environments.

Dr. Manche lives in East Louisville with her husband and four children. She enjoys food, travel, good conversation and spending time with her children!

To help children succeed by identifying possible underlying central auditory processing deficits that may be impeding learning, and to give families the knowledge and resources to make an impact in their children’s lives.

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